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February 2018
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Tag: opensource

More A11y inspirations

I’m making some progress on data driven accessiblity testing using mago+ldtp2.  I’ve also built enough atspi2 to get atspi over dbus to work on Solaris.  There was no smoking gun with respect to performance except that the dbus_daemon consumed the most time within syscalls (you knew that didn’t you?)    I suppose I should see what […]

Use it or lose it patent legislation proposed in Minnesota

My friend Ron at found this proposed Minnesota legislation which would grant an employee the right to use a patent if his/her employer sits on the patent for too long: (b) An employer who has a right to develop or utilize an invention or proposal 1.11must make a substantial investment in the invention or […]

A carpenter’s explanation of OpenSource

Imagine that you are a shop teacher intending to teach children how to build a wooden footstool:

The shop teacher and the prefab ‘lumber’yard

You go to the lumberyard and ask for some lumber and nails. The guy at the lumber store shakes his head and says, “Sorry, we don’t got that, we only carry EasyDone or NanoHouse products. How about this beautiful prefab bathroom?” You tell him you don’t need a bathroom.

“Perhaps I can interest you in a EasyDone kitchen?” he says.
“Just wood and nails,” you say. Frustration is beginning to show in your voice.
“O.K. then you must choose between an EasyDone or NanoHouse prefab livingroom.”
“I only need wood and nails! Ten penny nails, 2X4s, plywood!”
“We don’t sell that.”
“O.K. then how much is an EasyDone bedroom, I can take it apart and use the wood and nails.”
“What? That is far too expensive for my budget!”
“It’s fully integrated, painted, the carpet is in place and the bed is even included, it’s ready to go!”
“But it doesn’t do what I need. I’m only going to take it apart and we are going to use the wood in shop class.”