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December 2017
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WeMos D1 + AA batteries + Serval App = Emergency WiFi Cell Tower?

My son and I demonstrate tested the range of a Wemos D1-mini powered by 2 AA batteries and configured as a WiFi access point to connect phones without using a cell phone tower.

Seabot and science hack day Dublin 2015

Brian telling us about SeaBot, tried and tested on UCD lake, confusing local ducks who just wanted food. #SHDD — Sci Hack Day Dublin (@SciHackDay_Dub) November 15, 2015 Many thanks to all of the organizers and contributors to science hack day Dublin. It was fascinating to see what a roomful of fun and talented […]

Aruduino Nano programs Super Mario song onto $1 ATiny85 microprocessor

My son and I demonstrate how the Arduino playtunes library can be used in a music program which is uploaded through an Arduino Nano microcontroller development board onto a $1 ATiny85 microcontroller chip. LEDs are flashed at musical frequencies and then a photvoltaic solar sell converts this light into electricity and then polyphonic sound.  

Infrared, Arduino and

What do a smartphone, TV, Wii, DVR, remote control toy flip car and Zibit remote control robot have in common? Each of these devices use an infraRed communication protocol. While searching for a method to control a Zibit and an infrared toy car whose remote is missing, I came across this website: with some […]

Why Don’t We Design a Better Wheelchair?

In the 1990 film Awakenings, Robin Williams plays Dr. Sayer, a fictionalized Oliver Sachs, who discovered seemingly miraculous effects of the drug L-DOPA on patients who had been trapped in unresponsive states for more than a decade by Encephalitis lethargica. In the film, the doctor is constantly, loosing, dropping and breaking his eyeglasses. “Where are […]

iPad not designed for iFamily

Microsoft Windows PCs are now fairly easy to configure with different access levels for different family members with products such as Windows Live and NetNanny.

But laptops and desktop PCs are no longer primary internet access devices for kids. iPhones, iPads and similar devices are becoming much more common for school aged children. Some schools are actually requiring them!