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February 2018
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VR Empathy Machine links UN dignitaries with Syrian Refugees

“My name is Sidra. I am 12 years old… I have lived here in the Zaatari camp in Jordan for the last year and a half.” Filmmaker Chris Milk took his empathy machine to Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan to help us see and feel more about the lives of these vulnerable people.

The LoFi warmth of vinyl and vacuum tubes is back

Mike every instrument and record with every channel turned up to 11, remove all mid-level and midrange sounds, compress the $(&* out of it to MP3. Stream that over a lossy protocol and then compress and stream that over lossy bluetooth to a final analog stage designed in ignorance of the past 100 years of […]

Take no prisoners ‘justice’ claims another victim in the US

Aaron Swartz helped create the RSS technology which made blogs, podcasts, facebook and twitter possible. He also created Reddit. He made some mistakes, one of his biggest might look something like this: wget -r http://www.{website containing scientific journals of tax-funded research}/* Wget and curl are tools used by web developers, researchers and internet archivists. Similar […]

O’Reilly’s Beautiful Testing book coming soon!

Emily Chen and I coauthored a chapter in an O’Reilly book entitled “Beautiful Testing” which was edited by Adam Goucher and Tim Riley. Successful software depends as much on scrupulous testing as it does on solid architecture or elegant code. Beautiful Testing offers 23 essays from 27 leading testers and developers that illustrate the qualities […]

Malahide rail viaduct before and after photos

Here is a clearer before and after photo. Both were taken from exactly the same spot (with in a couple of feet), with exactly the same kid’s telescope/lens adapter.

Irish rail line collapses in Malahide’s broadmeadows estuary

A railway viaduct very near my home collapsed into the broadmeadows estuary. We’re very fortunate that the train which crossed only seconds before the collapse made it across safely. The underlying piers the viaduct is built upon dates back to the mid 19th century. Yesterdays tides were approximately 15 feet high, which is stronger than […]