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September 2018
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WeMos D1 + AA batteries + Serval App = Emergency WiFi Cell Tower?

My son and I demonstrate tested the range of a Wemos D1-mini powered by 2 AA batteries and configured as a WiFi access point to connect phones without using a cell phone tower.

A better Braille Display

This was my second science hack day and my first visit to Tog Dublin Hacker space.  I enjoyed working with and learning from talented hackers on Seabot last year, but I intended to contribute to one of the many interesting project ideas instead of trying to add another idea. But Jules and Mariam’s Pimp my […]

Internet of Things 1.0 — Electric consumption data logger

Ireland’s Airtricity offers an LCD smart meter display to help their customers track usage patterns. The device comes with what looks like an ethernet port but don’t try to connect it to your PC. It may be RS-232 with +/- 12 Volts, more than enough to damage your PC. The sending unit is magnetically coupled […]

Upcycling Kites with Syrian Refugee Children

In the spring of 2014 we visited some friends in Jordan. Laurie and Jean of Studio Syria teach art and crafts to the people at the Zaatari refugee camp in Northern Jordan. Gaelle or DAY – Dar Al Yasmin and the brilliant Hayabi circus also work to brighten the lives of children at Zaatari village, […]

Seabot and science hack day Dublin 2015

Brian telling us about SeaBot, tried and tested on UCD lake, confusing local ducks who just wanted food. #SHDD — Sci Hack Day Dublin (@SciHackDay_Dub) November 15, 2015 Many thanks to all of the organizers and contributors to science hack day Dublin. It was fascinating to see what a roomful of fun and talented […]

Aruduino Nano programs Super Mario song onto $1 ATiny85 microprocessor

My son and I demonstrate how the Arduino playtunes library can be used in a music program which is uploaded through an Arduino Nano microcontroller development board onto a $1 ATiny85 microcontroller chip. LEDs are flashed at musical frequencies and then a photvoltaic solar sell converts this light into electricity and then polyphonic sound.  

Skylanders science portal of power magnetic undiction

My son and I figured out how Skylanders lightcore figures light up by magnetic induction and we learned how to tap into this power to make our own device light up.